Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 100 of PHB - A Special Debut!

The duck feet booties!!  I finished them in early March, and kept them aside so they could be worn for the special occasion of Project Handmade Baby: Day 100.  I found the pattern in my sister's Zoe Mellor booties book and knew I simply had to make them. They attract comments and smiles whenever he wears them which is even more fun.

(Plus they actually stay on his feet really well, even with his best attempts to kick them off, so watch this space for more ducky goodness!)


liltoastfairy said...

Aha!! you finished them up alright! They are so cool. Can you make me some??? ;O)

shorty said...

Hmmm now how long would that take me to knit... Haha I would totally sew some from fabric for ya, just need to find a pattern of some sort! (and time too! :o) )