Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PHB Days 117 - 123 (1-7 April)

 1 April: Possibly my new favourite outfit!  A gorgeous Baby Gap striped onesie was sent over from USA from a friend of my mother-in-law.  It is gorgeous on the new kid and it goes perfectly with the kimono cardy and matching booties my aunty knitted.  And my new fave bib too!
 2 April: yeap.  My new favourite outfit.  I even managed to wash the sodden bib in time for him to wear it again.
3 April: A couple of cold mornings called for some warmer clothes (sooo exciting!!) so he got to wear the bark-brown merino sweater I knitted for him and haven't quite finished... but the only thing missing is the crochet loops and buttons to close the neck hole more.  I can't crochet yet.  And he has a big head.  (I'm not kidding - 99.6th percentile big.)
 4 April: same top, same dribble rag (handmade), same favourite cushion for the week, and this time I've added some darrrrling little blue booties that my friend Catherine knitted for him.  He's furiously trying to wriggle them off hence the motion shot!  They're snuggly warm and have a matching hat which is cute as a bean.
 5 April: the new kid is wearing a homemade pocket nappy (hence the big bot look) and the imba bumblebees bib - it's so darling.  He's also kinda wearing his big brother (the wee guy, proudly made by me) who has recently started to 'get his maul on' and likes to cuddle the new kid by lying on top of him and squeezing him.  If they both make it to school age without bursting I'll be relieved.
 6 April: Oh look!  a 100% handmade outfit!  goshorty aeroplanes bib, singlet knitted by me, pocket nappy made by me, and the little booties were a gift from an amazing lady who I was very privileged to support when she gave birth to her baby last year.  The freakin' cute boots have a matching hat too!
 7 April: another knitted singlet... they're being a little stretched out of shape because I simply can't bear to put them away yet.  *sigh* my little one is growing so fast!

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