Monday, April 25, 2011

Project Handmade Baby Days 124 - 130 (8-14 April)

ARGH!!  It's 12:45pm and I have TWO sleeping boys in bed... how quickly can I type this so I can actually eat lunch sitting down today?!

8 April: Bark brown sideways knitted jersey.  Nup, still can't be bothered adding the crochet thingies to go around the buttons I haven't put on ... 

 9 April: Pocket nappy of white PUL and red suedecloth with hemp liner (all made by moi), and the duck booties.  LOVE the duck booties.
 10 April: Oh would you look at that?  It's the duck booties again!!
 11-12 April: homemade nappies (you can JUST see a little peek out the side of his onesie), homemade super-soaker bibs, and the awesome blue sideways knitted short-sleeved vest I found for $18 at The Spot (Craft Cooperative in Johnsonville, Wellington). 
 13 April: photo fail.  I was meant to take a pic of the nappy and didn't realise 'til now that I hadn't succeeded.  Oh well.  Pocket nappies made by moi!
14 April: the sideways knitted vest thingie (better view of it now, even with a little crocheted tie around the neck, cute!!).  And yes... handmade nappies.  This black number is the overnap I made to fit over the wee guy's birth-to-potty nappies (which were way too big at birth, and almost too small at almost-potty stage... shopping fail?).

There we have it!  One super fast week's digest... now off to find some lunch that is a bit more nutritionally sound that Eta Upper Cuts.  Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar.  YOMMMMM!!!

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