Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Project Handmade Baby Days 131-140 (15-24 April)

Yes another digest... Just when I thought life couldn't get any busier it DID!  ARGH!
So here goes...
15 April: Just before he grows out of all the small pocket nappies... one home made pocket nappy with home made hemp insert as well. 
 16 April: my first attempt at a home made fitted nappy - suedecloth against the skin then a few layers of hemp, then cotton velour outer and an overnap worn on top.  It works better on his body shape than the pocket nappies so hopefully I'll get time to make some more.  Fingers crossed.
 17 April: A beautiful little beanie made by a lovely lady whose baby I saw enter this world.  It's made from that sock kinda yarn, suuuper soft and a gorgeous natural pattern. 
 18-19 April: The lovely green kimono with matching booties... which are a nightmare to keep on.  Also one of the little stripy handmade bibs my casual-work-team gave us.
20 April: pulling up his nightie to show off his snazzy handmade pocket nappy and lamington sockings.  Cheeky!
 21 April: I just love the facial expression in this one!!  He's sporting the sideways-knitted bark-coloured merino jersey which gets loads of comments!
 22 April: Adventures with solids call for big bibs!  This one I bought with a bunch of others from Trade Me last year which were all handmade and of course I HAD to have the cow print.
 23 April: I love this shot, he looks so sweet and peaceful!  (Oh how looks can be deceiving...).  He's only 5 months but wearing the stripy bodysuit his brother was wearing at 1 year old.  And of course the duck booties!!  Lovin it!
24 April: Trying to channel my inner Anne Geddes... the sage green merino beanie made famous by his big bro.  I *wish* I could find more of the merino but it's never quite olivey or greeney enough.

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