Saturday, June 11, 2011

PHB Days 154 - 160 (8-14 May)

 8 May - the Noo cow suit (again!) with a camo handmade bib.
 9 May - Aww just check out those CHEEKS!!  The stripy beanie is getting a lot of wear with the chilly weather, and it fits his big head too.  Win!  It's almost the same colour as his little JK Snowbaby merino top which I am totally in love with, but JK sizes are on the smaller size so I WISH I'd bought instore instead of online as he'll be out of it sooner than we know it.
 10 May - Yeap the beanie again!  With his Nature Baby brown kimono onesie, and handmade nappies (but we don't need to see them every post do we?!)
 11 May - see!?  Lots of wear!  We popped in to see our grandparents up the road and wore the kimono green cardy my aunty knitted as well.  I can't get enough of those beautiful eyes and cheeks!!
 12 May - for a change... here's the Wigglebums nappy made by some lovely ladies in the Hutt (but they haven't had their website back up for over a year, boohoo!!). 
 13 May - a little sneaky peeky of a homemade nappy.
14 May - While I'm trialling a new design for comfy pants, the new kid gets to guinea-pig them for me!  These are a light single knit merino material with elastic waistband and I couldn't be bothered cuffing the bottom before he wore them (lazy huh!!).  They will have to go through a few changes before I add them to the goshorty line.  Oh and spot dolly in the bottom corner, she's quite the fave!

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