Sunday, June 19, 2011

PHB Day 180 - 4 June - The Kimono

This is the day a certain creative/homekeeping maven whose name sounds not dissimilar to 'Arthur Knewit'... became '' in my house.  I downloaded a fantastic Baby Kimono pattern from her website, and cut out some pieces using material I'd purchased at a Fabric-a-brac sale locally - a whole bundle of circus print and matching browns for $2!  Score!!
Finally got around to sewing it up and wow, did I drop the f-bomb a number of times.  The instructions on how to make it up were rubbish.  "Match up the dots" and there were no dots.  I could go on.  Fortunately with a bit of experience in making baby kimono tops and some sewing nouse (and good ol' Kiwi DIY I reckon!!) I managed to make up trial run #1, as pictured.  I must say though, the pattern itself is fantastic, it's a 6-12 month size which fits perfectly, and I was able to add an interest-panel to the front with minimal fuss, although I used a stitch-and-turn jobbie the next time I used the pattern - also this is the long version, and the cropped version was a better and more practical fit for a 6-12 month baby.

Don't get me wrong, I love Martha and all her creativeness and all she shares with the world but the poor instructions were a big disappointment.

(PS homemade teething rusk in hand, made with expressed milk... can you say Earth Mother?!)

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