Sunday, June 19, 2011

PHB Day 179 - 3 June

Nom nom nom, did you know pounamu make fabulous teething aids?  My sister gave me this beautiful circle of waipounamu when my then-boyfriend (now-husband) and I were planning to teach English in Japan, before that fell through due to his rowing plans.

Anyways that aside, to add to all the beautiful natural brown, cream and greeny goodness of today's outfit (thanks Pure Patch, Lamington and Nature Baby... and the booties I knitted that didn't stay on long!) we have the favourite beanie of the moment, adapted from this pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's website knitted up with some 12-ply felted lambswool and dark brown everything-wool (it's a blend of mohair, angora, virgin wool (????) and something else) and it seriously is the EASIEST beanie pattern EVER!!  Apart from the patterns I've printed, given to my aunty and said "pretty please?!" which is the easiest way ever... but of course blatantly cheating.

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