Sunday, June 19, 2011

PHB Day 177 - 1 June

Nauticalicious!  It was a sunny and frosty day, so I got the new kid all rugged up and put his bouncinette on the deck while I hung out washing and the wee guy kicked a ball around.  Check out the speedy handmade toy: what to do with a CanTeen bandana and leftover Roses chocolates wrappers to make an easy, washable, noisy toy to keep baby entertained...  tie them all up in a bundle and knot a dozen times - perfect!
The beanie was crocheted by a great friend of ours that was a coxswain for my husband's rowing team - she hasn't long been crocheting so it was an extra-special baby shower gift!  She is quite the fashionista so she made it nautical themed so that boy or girl, this baby would be styley.

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Ches said...

He carries it off in pure style! Stoked.