Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PHB Days 168-174 (22-28 May)

 22 May - The orange beanie again!!  It's a cold week so it's being worn rather a lot.  Yay! (fist pump) Also this competitive dribbling calls for a lot of bibs, they're barely out of the washing basket and on the kid before they're soaked and back in there.  He dribbles so much I'm surprised he doesn't poop sand.
 23 May - Photo fail.  I didn't realise until, well, NOW that I didn't get his FEET in the shot so the duck booties could be seen.  (facepalm)
 24 May - my clever mother-in-law knitted this cable-knit cardy and it has a matching beanie.  It's gorgeous!  Even if the new kid does look a little startled!
 25 May - this little face seems to read "for goodness sake stop taking pics and let's GO" ... almost every single item of clothing was handmade today, bar the singlet which you can't see!  Handmade nappy, handsewn pants in cream merino, handknitted cardy (mostly by me) in bamboo yarn, handknitted orange beanie (again) and some little slippers I knitted to match the leaf on the beanie.  Gush!
 26 May - another photo fail.  Gah!!  I promise there's a handmade nappy and at least one bootie out of shot.  (facepalm again)
 27 May - more bibs, more duck booties..  and that night I got out my new materials and started cutting out some more bibs 'cause even I was getting tired of the same bibs featuring in the pictures.  Ahhh creative time.  Love it.
28 May - the famous stripy beanie and the bark merino sideways knitted jersey which is getting a weeny bit on the small side.  Thank God it's winter and I can get plenty more wear out of it 'cause anything bigger than a beanie or booties takes me freakin HOURS to knit.

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