Saturday, June 11, 2011

PHB Days 141 - 146 (25-30 April)

 25 April - some darling little dark blue knitted booties from my friend Catherine.  There is a matching wee beanie which is dead cute but I can't seem to find a picture of it!  With wintry cold starting to become more regular it's great having some knitted goodies to keep the new kid toasty.
 26 April - modelling one of my newest goshorty bibs, the new kid's got his panda super soaker bib soaking up his dribbles, and our resident dolly LaFawnduh is sporting the miniature dolly version which is also for sale in my Felt store.  He's also wearing a lovely knitted jersey I found for $4 or $5 at a second-hand kidlets clothing sale.
 27 April - happy birthday to me!  A motion shot of the newest addition to the beanie collection!  This one has attracted plenty of compliments and requests for the pattern!  I used up some leftover yarn from making little booties and a big cardigan and made this super (suuuper) simple beanie.  I love it!!
 28 April - one of the first pics from my birthday present from all the in-laws: an iPhone4.  The wee guy is wearing the knitted vest I bought at The Spot in Johnsonville.  Awww he's getting so adorable!
 29 April - one of many bibs worn while the new kid trains for his new competitive sport of dribbling.  Oh well, it makes a change from chucking and crying I guess?!  He's also having loads of fun with "solid food" (ie cooked pureed mush).  This one's a well-worn, rather stained goshorty planes bib.
30 April - to celebrate mine and my oldest friend's 30th birthdays, we had a joint party with a P and C theme.  The wee guy's godmother (dressed as a Policewoman) is holding the new kid dressed as a cow (all together now, nyawwwww!!!) and wearing a matching black dribble bibble I whipped up earlier that day.  His father dressed him which explains why the white stay-dry backing is... on the front.  Hmm. 

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