Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PHB Day 185

9 June - did I mention he's teething at the moment?  Makes for one grumpy baby.  The amber teething beads I bought from The Flower Garden website (in cognac, so we can tell his apart from his brother's dark cherry) haven't made much of a difference with the pain, but they have eliminated the nasty teething rash that was appearing so I'm keeping them on.
Anyways, Project Handmade Baby items today: cream merino footless leggings (made by me), handmade bibs (this one bought from Trade Me), and a knitted short-sleeve vest purchased from The Spot in Johnsonville - a lovely craft cooperative shop with all sorts of knitted, crocheted, sewn, handcrafted goodies for sale.  (They even have darling little doll clothes!).

He's also eating a homemade teething rusk - at a friend's request I'll do a post on how to make your own.  They're dead easy, cheaper than bought, and not quite as evil on the teeth if your toddler decides he wants one as well.

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