Saturday, June 11, 2011

PHB Days 147 - 153 (1-7 May) ... the week I dropped the ball.

 1 May - looking a little bewildered!  The new kid is wearing a lovely wool hoodie handed down from his big brother.  It was a gift for the wee guy's christening and it was well worn but is still in amazing condition.  And it's handmade, thank you Catherine!  It goes nicely with his stripy organic baby pants.
 2 May - nom nom nom, panda bib.
 3 May - here's a picture of that beanie I mentioned in this post - it matches the wee booties!  Thanks again Catherine!  She is a clever girl.  It matches perfectly with his Cotton On Kids all-in-one suit!
 4 May ... this was the day I dropped the ball.  Booo!! 
I was struck down with a nasty illness for the second time in 2 weeks, and I was so weak I couldn't even lift the boys.  And didn't think to nag my husband while he was on Daddy Daycare Duties to dress him in something handmade, d'oh!  Oh well.  Here's a picture of the new kid with his dolly, which is handmade, and he likes to give her a good snog every now and then.
 5 May - peek-a-boo!  Handmade nappies day!  Better do up his little YMY all-in-one suit before I get told off for flashing..
 6 May - more of the same, lots of homemade nappies and bibs.  And a toasty warm Nurtured By Nature top that his brother wore when until he was nearly one ... the new kid is 5 months old and almost out of it!
7 May - the new kid in his Noo cow suit, wearing a matching handmade cow print bib which I bought as part of a lot of 7 for about $12..  I looove cow print!


Anonymous said...

loving the cow print - but then you'd probably guess I would! (you, great minds thinking alike and taste the same and all that ;) )

shorty said...

Yay great minds indeed! I'm a little obsessed, we have a moo print beanbag, a shelf of kitchen stuff, a few clothing items... and I have some PUL waiting for me to make two cow print nappies as well.