Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PHB Days 161-167 (15 - 21 May)

 15 May - My new fave item is a darling little orange beanie (more pictures to come!) with a brown stalk and a green leaf which I managed to knit without entirely munting the beanie.  It's 100% wool in a pumpkin orange, and the green leaf is this beautiful but scratchy peruvian wool.
 16 May - matching the grey stripes on the JK snowbaby suit perfectly are these darling chunky wool slippers passed on from a friend.  Her grandmother rings her and asks for requests for her kids because she has "got her knit on" - I love it!!  We haven't had that much wear out of them unfortunately because a certain wee guy threw one of the slippers in the air and it's gone in 'that' space behind the couch where I can't bloody find it for the life of me.  Grr.
 17 May - Yeap, the duck booties.  I figure they go with, well, EVERYthing!
 18 May - and again.  The duck booties.  This picture did the rounds as I was lucky enough to catch the new kid Baby Planking, so it went on my facebook page, then my sister-in-law's, hirarious!!  Oh and of course the daily handmade nappies and bibs, and dolly makes another appearance on the left.
 19 May - a slightly better shot of the orange beanie, with a little vintage look care of an app on my iPhone (Happy Birthday iPhone, thanks in-laws!!).  

20 May - and again.  We stayed with my lovely Mum up north for a couple of nights and enjoyed rural life.  Mum was fab with washing the pocket nappies so I didn't have to use a whole bunch of disposables and they were dried in front of the fireplace at night, I just love the earth mother way of life sometimes!  (might I add my wonderful Mum made me a cuppa when I was doing a 3:45am feed, and lamb shanks and decent steak also featured in our diet that week... I think she suspects I'm not eating well enough?!)

21 May - a little morning tea at Maranui cafe to celebrate a friend's 30th!  The lineny bib came in handy while the new kid started his quest to turn dribbling into a competitive sport... argh!!!


liltoastfairy said...

while driving the kids to unihoc the other day we saw a kid on the top of a car with a parental type with a camera then he pointed across the road...

so we looked.

And another kid was planking on a concrete letterbox.

Too funny!! :OD

shorty said...

Haha love it!! Safe planking is awesome. Kid planking is awesomer.