Monday, November 28, 2011

PHB Day 359

Day 359 of 365
Handmade items - applique cowboy onesie, choc brown overalls, cloth nappies and bibs.

PHB: New In November (1)

Some pictures of some of the new Handmade items that have been added to the Project Handmade Baby wardrobe in November.
A rather loud hoodie I made using material I scored for $2 from a Fabric-a-brac market in Wellington.  I've lined it with white cotton offcuts from Levana in Levin.

Plenty of wear from this custom-order merino hoodie from imba, a hand-me-down from the big brother.  Also a minky covered pocket nappy that is so lovely and soft... but man, that material was freakin' hard to sew, it slipped around and buckled and inspired some rather foul language from me in the process!

(I love Instagram!) 
We took the boys to an old haunt of ours for Daddy's birthday dinner and they were amazing!  The new kid wore another hand-me-down hoodie from Lone Moose, and an organic cotton megamess bib I made him.  He's not entirely sure how he feels about the lime sorbet...

Another shot of the hoodie - I just love that pointy hood!

b is for ... beautiful boy wearing a top I appliqued using scraps from the organic cotton bib.  I've made a few of these and they are so sweet!  And so affordable: a pack of 3 long-sleeve onesies from The Warehouse on special for $5, plus fabric scraps and bondaweb to attach the b to the top.  I love a little matchy matchy.

Older brother wasn't keen on wearing his (handmade) trencher for a little graduation ceremony, so he popped it on the new kid's head!  Very sweet.  He's also wearing the robot shoes and Very Hungry Caterpillar bib that is either in the wash or on him, I looove the bib and it gathers plenty of compliments and "Oooh, I love that book!" comments.

The Spot in Johnsonville, a crafty cooperative place, stock these FAB apron bibs for $8 each.  The sleeves have been an absolute Godsend; not only for protecting sleeves from sloppy highchair trays, but also when he's finished and drags himself around the floor it keeps him nice and clean.  I'm tempted to make one with a microfibre or chamois bib-front so he can be a little more useful around the house and clean the floors while he's at it...  (I'm joking)

Nothing new here, but a darling little shot of my little man having a nap during an outdoors Christmas party - clearly watching his older brother going around... and around... and around... and around on the carousel (for as many turns as he could!!) was very soothing and this little'un had a lovely nap in his buggy under his soft blankie.  (And I spot an imba bib under there too, little bumblebees on blue.  Delicious!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

PHB October's Wardrobe

Gah!  How incredibly slack of me, I totally dropped the ball with the daily photos. 

Here's the most digest-esque digest version of PHB (and also where I panic as I realise that the new kid is turning one in less than a month... aaaargh!!!).
Here are the six knitted cardies that mostly were worn for the last time in October (from back to front): the green cable knit second-hand cardy from a Plunket sale, the olive kimono cardy from my aunty which I looooove, the brown sideways knitted jersey I made, a $7 Trade Me score of a blue pattern-knit hoodie, a blue knit jersey and a blue cardy which still fits (phew!)

Two merino hoodies made by my lovely friend Catherine, two cowboy kimono tops using organic cotton and a print from Sew Pretty, and a robot sleeveless hoodie.  All but the navy tops are now packed away.

Chocolate brown overalls made by me, and the blue overalls were a hand-me-down made for his big brother: a gift from the boys' great-great-aunt.

The giant cream cardigan which still has plenty of wear left in it, and from l-r a kitty-eared beanie from Plunket second-hand sale, a stripy beanie I made to match the cardy, a monkey beanie (one of my early crochet efforts) and the orange/pumpkin beanie.  My GP said the orange beanie reminded him of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, which were a big part of my childhood!!

So there we go, the handmade portion of the new kid's wardrobe that has been worn for Project Handmade Baby - more pictures to come of bibs, nappies and other wee accessories.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Movember, the month "formerly known as November", is one of the reasons I am not entirely unhappy that I no longer work in the city.  The first two weeks of Movember see men of all ages, stages, races and faces growing facial hair in all sorts of ways but for the majority it kinda looks a bit sad until some decent growth comes in.

I mean, these men can't all become Tom Selleck overnight, right?!
Image source here

It is a hilarious mo-tion and it's all for a good cause: raising awareness of men's health issues such as prostate cancer and depression (read more here).  I do miss the days where I worked with a bunch of men who would display an impressive range of 'mo's: handlebars, porn-staches, Magnums, Einsteins and even the odd Hitler-style mo!  Of course none of them could match the giant hooked mo displayed all year round by one of the guys who works at my favourite hot-choccie spot in Wellington, Duke Carvell's.  It has to be seen to be believed.

As we are a no-mo house (it's not the pash rash I object to, it's the slow-growing!) I thought I'd find a few other ideas for how to celebrate Movember.  Brace yourselves, my odd sense of humour is likely to make an appearance.

How about a pink mo-necklace for the ladies to support their Mo-bros?  White Lily Design have this pearler for sale on Etsy.

Or some nail art?  Photo from here.

How about some wall art:
Photo from here.
Heh, heh, really must dash.  Photo from here

Oh I love this one!  Photo from here.
I must ask the time.   Get it?  Must-ache the time...  Photo from here.
A few bits for the kitchen:
'Stache straws from Little Retreat on Etsy.

How fun are these glasses?!

Mo-cookie cutters from Fuzzy Ink.

Mugstaches anyone?  Photo from here.

Oh look!  It's double-mo-seven!  Photo from here.

More double-mo-seven!  Photo from here.

And for all you crafty types out there... wait for it... a bit of mo-chet?

Happy Movember everyone.  And remember to hug the men you love, and keep raising awareness of the health and well-being of our boys.  Arohanui.