Sunday, December 18, 2011

PHB Final Days

I did it!  365 days and every single day bar one in May (when I was very ill) I had my baby wearing at least one handmade item.
(Read about the original challenge/idea here)
Here are the final days of Project Handmade Baby:

 Day 364 - December 4th: the 'b is for' appliqued onesie, and the chocolate brown overalls with striped Levana merino lining.  Plus all the bibs, nappies, etc. etc. etc!

 Day 365 - December 5th: the darling blue sideways-knit short-sleeved vest from The Spot in Johnsonville.  The foreboding runny nose was just the beginning of yet another challenging week...

 And the piece de resistance!!
I mentioned earlier on the blog that I learnt how to crochet this year.  Also I have a thing about Pinterest at present where instead of just Pinning wildly, I'm trying to DO as many things as I can.  So... I crocheted a Very Hungry Caterpillar beanie!!  Complete with purplue antennae, just like the book (not brown as I'd seen on Pinterest pins).  The plan was for him to wear them for his 1st Birthday Party which I'd planned so thoroughly to be a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme!  More on that later (if I can manage, I was soooo disappointed it didn't go ahead!).  There were a few wonderful friends coming to the party, which was more for us to say thanks: in the early days of our family becoming four we had a lot of challenges, and were so, so blessed by friends who cooked and baked for us, would lend a hand where they could, and generally kept us above water.  Le Sigh.

My poor sick birthday boy! December 6th 2011
 Sadly we had to cancel the birthday party as both he and I became very unwell with different things...  We spent 8 hours in Wellington A&E instead.  It was AMAZING weather - no wind (yes I'm serious, no wind in Wellington!!!) and slightly cloudy skies, it was the perfect day to have a party.  I made a VHC onesie (see below) which he didn't get to show off as he was being treated for wheezing in hospital.  My poor wee angel.  Both my boys have had a rough run with health, and this was just rotten timing.  If I get the chance I'll do another post about the party prep, but I have boxed it all up and one of the boys can have a VHC party next year I think - at least most of the prep is done huh!!  That's me: always a silver lining. 

So here's the onesie prep: take one unworn onesie, one Very Hungry Caterpillar t-shirt which didn't really fit that well, and some sewing supplies.  Half an hour later and I had a very sweet onesie for my boy to wear - I attached a cutout of the image to the front, sewed it into the side seams, did a few other magic touches and voila!

So that's the end!  365 days of Project Handmade Baby.
What have I learnt from this?
1. It feels great to make clothes for your rugrats and enjoy them wearing a bit of your hard work.
2. You can score some great knitwear at second-hand sales for great prices!
3. Handmade clothes last a whole lot longer than bought ones in a lot of cases!
4. The more you crochet/sew/knit, the greater your skills for mending and 'upcycling' (I love that word!)
5. Babies in handknits still look like babies.
6. It's much more fun to have your rugrats wearing unique outfits rather than generic store-bought clothes.
7. I love getting compliments on my baby's outfits when I know how much work I've put into it.

... and 8. I really, really love my kids.

Happy 1st Birthday Mr B, my new kid.  You're such a beautiful boy and we love you, your mischievous gleam in your eye, and your Tintin hair so much.  We are so blessed to have you.


Jenny said...

Well done you! That is an achievement - both PHB and surviving a year with 2 kids (I know and I didn't have half as many of the challenges you did!)... Feel free to hang on to the hood for whenever you do have the party if you like (perhaps the wee guy could wear since the new kid would be wearing his gorgeous beanie!) ... I reckon you should just have your party now to celebrate PHB, surviving life with 2 kids and Christmas! ha ha

Jenny said...

Oh and another thing... I briefly mentioned your achievement in my long winded/ rambly recent blog post

tartankiwi said...

Wow! So impressed by your monster effort. I have popped in a few times during the year and every time have been impressed by what you were doing. I am beginning to sew clothes for my children and I'm finding it especially rewarding to make boys clothes as the cheaper end of the boys clothing market is so nasty!

shorty said...

Naaww thanks ladies, I appreciate the blog-love! It has been such a rewarding year, and it definitely doesn't stop here. But for now, no 'set' projects, just enjoying my babies. And tartankiwi - yay you! I totally agree, I was just thinking this morning how rewarding it is to make boy clothes and despite all the work it is always made with love so the time spent doesn't matter at all.
Thanks for the mention Jenny! xx

Rubberduckienz said...

Congratulations honey go you cleaver mama ! Mucho loves xxx

Rubberduckienz said...

Congratulations honey go you cleaver mama ! mucho loves xx

imba said...

A big year! Congratulations on a neat project :-)